09 February 2013

Still in Interim...

My laptop is hopefully in the process of being fixed.  I'm posting this from a library computer with only fifteen minutes, but I AM posting lots and lots of videos on Youtube lately!  Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/olychickenguy

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  1. I did cat rescue for years, and I know how important it is to understand an animal's psychology. They are all different, but there are certain ways a species responds to situations. I have recently taken possession of two rescued laying hens from a nearby small town. The rescuer told me their claws were 6 inches long and that there were 72,000 birds in the one facility. My vet was shocked to hear that.
    Anyway, I am just trying to help these hens as best as I can, and it is a challenge (predators, socialization, enrichment) as I've not interacted with birds before, let alone chickens. You're blog is helpful, and I hope you bring it back. Your youtube site is great, too, but it is a different medium. I like to play happy chicken sounds for the girls, as well as harmonic music. I am going to try a paper ball for a toy today. I'm covering the coop floor with linoleum squares as I think it will make cleaning easier (along with your great newspaper at night trick). I hope you are in a good place now, and that you see many wonderful days ahead. You are a gift to chickens, and very special that you have been able to rescue roosters. You rock!