28 June 2014

Not Dead Yet...

Nope, not yet, though I haven't been online much at all as of late.  I still rescue roosters, I'm still homeless living in a thick cedar forest which has been ideal for my birds- they love it, and I'm sure they don't know the difference of living inside or out.  I'm currently housing thirty roosters, a turkey, a pheasant, three pigeons ( two male, one female ), and three "retired" hens.

If you're interested in other media outlets from me I keep up with YouTube:


And NOT chicken-related, DeviantART:

Remember, anyone with questions can also email me personally at:

I shan't promise expedient responses at the moment, but I'll certainly try to get back to any emails as quickly as I can manage.


  1. I accidentally came across your website by searching for the terms "chicken psychology" and "hen pecking" lol You seem like an interesting person and I hope things start looking up for you although I can't imagine living in a nicer place than a "thick cedar forest"... still I hope you find what you are looking for. Peace :o)

  2. I see your last post was in June 2014. What a bad year that was. I pray things are getting better for you now. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. God bless you.